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While Roblox Blox Fruits features an extensive map that you can explore, most of these areas are level-locked. So if you want to progress faster, here’s a Roblox Blox Fruits map guide including every NPC location in the three Seas.

Blox Fruits, with over 25 billion visits, is one of the most popular games on Roblox and is often mentioned with the likes of Mad City, Adopt Me, Brookhaven, and Shinobi Life. The game allows players to become expert sword fighters or pro fruit users but no matter how you choose to play, the aim is to be the strongest player.

A big part of Blox Fruits is exploring the three big seas filled with jungles, islands, cafes, mountains, and more. Each place helps you find fruits that are key to moving forward in the game. Knowing about the level limit and NPCs for each place can help players who are finding it hard to level up.

On that note, let’s take a look at the three Seas in the Blox Fruit map.

Roblox Blox Fruits map: All areas, NPCs & how to find them - Charlie INTEL (1)Gamer Robot Inc

Earning fruits is essential to your progress in Blox Fruits.

Roblox Blox Fruits: All locations & NPCs in the First Sea

In Blox Fruits’ First Sea, you’ll stumble upon the following locations and NPCs:

Blox Fruits locationHow to findLevel cap for entryNPCs
Starter IslandYou start the game here0-10Two Boat Dealers
Luxury Boat Dealer
Home Point
Sword Dealer
Blox Fruit Dealer
Marine Recruiter
Jungle IslandGo north-east of Starter Island’s dock15-30Boat Dealer
Home Point
Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin
Pirate VillageGo north-east of Jungle Island’s dock30-60Rich Man
Sword Dealer of the West
Home Point
DesertGo east of Pirate Village’s dock60-90Hasan
Home Point
Middle TownOpposite the Starter Island100Weapons Dealer
Robot Mega
Aura Editor
Blox Fruit Dealer
4 Boat Dealers
2 Luxury Boat Dealers
Experienced Captain
Saw boss
Frozen VillageNorth of Starter Island90-120Sword Dealer of the East
Sick Man
Ability Teacher
Marine FortressNorth of Frozen Village120-150Parlus
Advanced Weapon Dealer
PrisonWest of Frozen Village190-275Fruit Remover
Military Detective
ColleseumEast of Frozen Village225-300None
Magma VillageBehind Marine Fortress300Living Skeleton
Underwater CitySouth of Frozen Village375-450Water Kung Fu Teacher
Fountain CityBehind the Colleseum 625-700None
SkylandsUnlock the flying ability and fly upwards 150-200 or 450-575 for advanced areasMad Scientist
Master Sword Dealer

After reaching level 700, you’ll be able to access the Second Sea in Roblox Box Fruits.

Roblox Blox Fruits: All locations & NPCs in the Second Sea

The Second Sea will let you access the following locations and NPCs in Blox Fruits:

Blox Fruits locationHow to findLevel cap for entryNPCs
Kingdom of RoseThe area where you enter the Second Sea700-875The Aura Editor
Legendary Sword Dealer
CafeThis is the safe zone inside Kingdom of Rose850Home Point
Bounty/Honor Expert
Titles Specialist
Awakenings Expert
Colours Specialist
MansionThis is another area inside the Kingdom of Rose1000Trevor
Don Swan boss
Remote IslandBehind the Kingdom of Rose700The Strongest God
Legendary Sword Dealer
Green ZoneTravel north-west of the Kingdom of Rose875-950Alchemist
The Master Of Aura
Legendary Sword Dealer
Graveyard IslandWest of Kingdom of Rose950-1000Rip_indra
Crew Captain
Legendary Sword Dealer
Snow MoutainNorth of Frozen Village1000-1100Martial Arts Master
Hot and ColdWest of the Kingdom of Rose1100-1250Master of Auras
Mysterious Scientist
Cursed ShipGo west of the Graveyard1250-1350Guashiem
El Admin
El Rodolfo
El Perro
Cursed Captain
Ice CastleHead north of the Dark Arena1350-1425Phoeyu The Reformed
Dark ArenaHead north-east of Kingdom of Rose1350Darkbeard
Forgotten IslandHead north of the Green Zone1350-1450Daigrock The Sharkman

After reaching level 1500 in Blox Fruits, it’s time for you to jump into the Third Sea which is still being developed.

Roblox Blox Fruits map: All areas, NPCs & how to find them - Charlie INTEL (2)Gamer Robot Inc

You can enter the second and third seas in Blox Fruits by leveling up.

Roblox Blox Fruits: All locations & NPCs in the Third Sea

The Third Sea comprises the following areas and NPCs in Blox Fruits:

Blox Fruits locationHow to findLevel cap for entryNPCs
Port TownThe area where you enter the Third Sea1500-1575Blox Fruit Dealer
Boat Dealer
Luxury Boat Dealer
Hydra IslandGo north-east of the Port Town1575-1700None
Great TreeOpposite Hydra Island1700-1775Crew Captain
Master of Auras
Floating TurtleGo north-west of the Great Tree1800-1975Citizen
Horned Man
Hungry Man
Previous Hero
Teaches you Electric Claw
The Master of Aura
Pirate Recruiter
Marine Recruiter
MansionNorth of Floating TurtleNABounty/Honor Expert
Titles Specialist
Awakenings Expert
Colours Specialist
Castle on the SeaNorth-west of Port Down1500-NAPlayer Hunter and Elite Hunter
Aura Editor
Mysterious Scientist
Mad Scientist
Phoeyu the Reformed
Dark Step Teacher
Daigrock, the Sharkman
Water Kung Fu Teacher
Martial Arts Master
Remove Blox Fruit
Boat Dealer
Luxury Boat Dealer
rip_indra raid boss
Haunted CastleNorth-west of Castle of Sea1975-2075Death King
Soul Reaper
Sea of TreatsNorth-east of the Great Tree2075-2375Cake Prince raid boss
Tiki OutpostNorth of Sea of Treats2450-2550Shafi
Shark Hunter
Beast Hunter
Dragon Talon Sage

Well, this was everything to know about the Blox Fruits map, its three seas, and the several locations loaded with NPCs to grant you quests. For more content on Roblox, you can check out:

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Roblox Blox Fruits map: All areas, NPCs & how to find them - Charlie INTEL (2024)


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